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[sparkle_li]Starbound – Chucklefish[/sparkle_li]

 Starbound is an “action-adventure” galactic exploration game. Each player starts out in your spaceship, needing to fix your hyper drive. This will allow you to jump between star systems. You will need to locate the parts, as well as fuel, to jump between star clusters. Each player starts out in their own world and can join others (server size dependent) to assist with the base story line completion. Once the base story is complete, you can continue to build and modify your home world and ship with gadgets and even decorations.

To play on our Starbound server, please download this music mod file from our Public GitHub Repository. Drop the files into the following directory “\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\assets\user\songs”



[sparkle_li]7 Days 2 Die – The Funpimps[/sparkle_li]

7 Days 2 Die is a First Person – Zombie Survival game. It pits a player in a harsh world, already dying as your wandering to complete the first few tasks. Achieve the first basic quest items to drive the live walk-through and learn crafting techniques. As each night falls, the zombies become more aggressive and change from walkers to runners. You can play with groups of people for better chances at survival, while crafting more advanced weapons and even vehicles. Fortify a base is the best chance of survival, as every 7 days, the horde comes running.



[sparkle_li]MINECRAFT – Mojang (MS Studios)[/sparkle_li]

MINECRAFT – The game that anyone can program / create / build / imagine and play for endless hours. Play the survival missions or enjoy an online persistent world. Add mods for endless possibilities. Learn coding and build your own machines, internally. The possibilities are endless in MINECRAFT.

[HGN] Harju Gaming Network - 24/7 - 100 Player Server



[sparkle_li]ECO – Strange Loop Games[/sparkle_li]

ECO is a world survival game with many facets. The end goal is to destroy an asteroid, by building a laser, saving the planet from total annihilation. Starting out in the world with nothing, you must forage for nutrition, while gaining and allocating skill-points to learn more advanced skills. Along the way, you must also maintain the ECO-systems balance, so that you may continue your research into advancing technology.




[sparkle_li]ARMA 3 – Bohemia Interactive[/sparkle_li]

 ARMA 3’s reputation as a realistic, first-person military simulation still stands strong. Play in a persistent world via-mod OR play through co-op campaigns. The choice is yours.




[sparkle_li]Project Zomboid – The Indie Stone[/sparkle_li]

Project Zomboid is a 3rd person perspective (top-d0wn) zombie survival game. Stay alive as long as possible, as the hordes get stronger. Don’t make sounds while searching homes or the masses will come running. Team up to survive longer.

Project Zomboid -

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[sparkle_li]Chivalry: Medieval Warfare – Torn Banner Studios[/sparkle_li]

Chivalry:Medieval Warfare is exactly as the title describes. First / Third-person perspective, medieval battles. Choose to play FFA servers or Mission / Event Driven quest-style events. Chop someone’s arms, and even their head off!