Harju Gaming Network is an affordable Game Server Hosting provider. We believe that everyone should be able to afford a monthly plan for  hosting, while also having the ability to change your game on a whim.

Flexible Server Packages

Change your game on a whim? Renting a monthly game server is one thing. Being able to switch between hosted games whenever you and your friends want? Yeah, we’re offering that.

Pausing one world, to bring another to life. Your previous world will stay saved to your account, while visiting another. When you’ve decided to change back to any previously played game server, the files will be there awaiting your return.

Speed of Service

There are many factors that weigh in to the speed of our service. We like to keep our customers playing without any “hitches” in their experience.

Support Staff on Discord

We’re always available on Discord to chat with our customers. Being gamers ourselves, we don’t want downtime to be an issue. If you have questions or issues regarding your service, we’re only couple mouse-clicks away.

Donations Accepted

While we do have servers coming for rent, our FREE PLAY servers will always be, and operate outside our rental network. If you care to donate, all funds will go 100% back into operation costs.