Games Update, Network Status

Harju Gaming Network – Whitelist Program

A change in formatting and how we operate, for 2019.

While transitioning last year, it was time to start anew. Think different. Reformulate how the network needed remapped. Conceptualize how to better serve, ultimately, you.

With this new year, it is presented the “Harju Gaming Network – Whitelist Program”.

  • Whitelist will be a set price, giving preferred access to our already online services.
  • Whitelist access will be granted for not only one game but, every game hosted on our network.
  • ALL of our hosted servers will remain public.
  • Some servers will need special access or privileges added during (or after) sign-up.
  • Whitelist access will be added to all future servers, as our network rebuilds.
  • Whitelist access setup will be via select Cryptocurrencies. No credit cards or PayPal accepted. Sorry.

This will be put live in the next week, as the finishing touches are put on. Come and join the fun. More (and new) servers coming online, soon!

Options for dedicated servers will again, pop-up, in the future. For now, this will be the formatting.