General Updates

Non-ICO Formatting. Why?

After being asked numerous times, it felt right to get this out into the open.

NO. We are NOT doing an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) for anything pertaining to our site. Why? Honestly, there is no need to flood an already over-saturated ecosystem with another “token” that does nothing other than inflate in value, while offering nothing to back it.

YES. We do have servers for rent, laying in wait, to host your worlds. Currently in the process of getting some things finalized to make this happen. Things of  quality take time to build. And to polish it up, sometimes takes a bit longer.

The goal is to offer the absolute best hosting experience for our customers. Seeing as we will charge for the services offered, it is in our (and your) best interest to make it: Simple. Efficient. Fun. Inexpensive.

Which brings the next point to light. With the current Cryptocurrency space being FLUSH with Coins that have actual value, we can and will accept many as exchange for our goods and services (along with traditional payment methods). If there is one you want to utilize and don’t see it on the list of accepted Crypto, just send an email, and it will more than likely get added.

As for the free servers, they are on, and always will be. It’s our goal to at least offer one of every game we provide for hosting.

Get ready, things are about to get interesting.