General Updates

Weekly Update – Added Items to Store

Weekly Update :

Site now has live product available to purchase. Along with these softgood offerings, and the current peripheral*, a couple more #crypto related items will be added. Shirts and hats, anyone?

If you’re visiting the site, you might notice a live ticker going across the bottom of your screen. It now refreshes with LIVE prices of select cryptocurrencies. More will be added as the days progress.

On that note, upon checkout it might also be noted that there are multiple payment options. PayPal, Credit Card (through Sqaure), or Cryptocurrencies.

Of course, if you’re paying in Cryptocurrency, you will receive 5% off final purchase price. This will extend to our server offerings when they go live, as well.

*Purchase of 8″OTG cable comes with ONE (1) random Kawaii Crypto sticker-buddy!